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Water Treatment Solutions
When the city of New York launched a new public art project, the New York City Waterfalls, the construction management firm, Turner Construction, turned to Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC for assistance. ...Click Here to Read the Full Story...
Sludge/Water Treatment

GWTT operators sampled influent water and performed bench to maximize chemical performance to precondition the sludge. ...Click Here to Read the Full Story...
Equipment Rentals  
Extensive inventory. Full service technical support. Immediate delivery & setup. Emergency service. Systems Operations & Maintenance.
Sub Slab Depressurization System
Chlorinated Solvent Vapor Mitigation. Active 1M square foot facility with sub-slab soil vapor containing chlorinated solvents (PCE & TCE) for mitigation. ...Click Here to Read the Full Story...
Construction Dewatering
Temporary water treatment systems for construction projects requiring dewatering systems.  Includes vacuum Well Point Systems. Sumps, drains, & open pumping. Also, Ejector systems and Deep Wells.  

Our Services

  • New Equipment & Technology

    Customized & highly technical equipment for remediation and wastewater treatment.

  • Remediation & Construction

    Designs, engineers, manufactures, & installs groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction &  industrial wastewater treatment systems. 

  • Equipment

    Rents temporary treatment systems in support of  construction dewatering & remediation.

  • Construction Dewatering

    Select, develop & engineer highest quality project specific equipment to solve groundwater problems. 

  • Operations & Maintenance

    End to End Systems Management & Optimization Services

End-to-End Environmental Solutions


Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT)

Unlike other specialists in the remediation field, Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) offers a single provider solution across:

Our environmental services are focused on how best to address all groundwater, wastewater, contaminated soil and air emission problems.  GWTT is a nationally recognized environmental remediation company whose focus is to deliver innovative, value based treatment systems and services, while adhering to budgets and deadlines.

With over 18 years of hands on, practical experience in the environmental industry, Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) has a proven track record of success on the most challenging projects.  GWTT consistently delivers the flexibility, environmental security and around-the-clock availability our clients need with an excellent health and safety record.

With a reputation for quality execution,Ground/Water Treatment & Technology LLC. (GWTT)  key differentiators are:

  • Single source provider with multipleServices capabilities.
  • Proven track record and high client retention rate.
  • Flexible Solutions with a big company support structure.
  • Health & Safety-Track record EMR - 0.84  May 13/ OSHA Incident Rate for 2013 – 1.62)

Working with customers as a team, providing economical, innovative solutions with speed, flexibility, personalized service and guaranteed results.


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