Health & Safety at GWTT


At Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT), we believe that the company grows best when each team member grows with it. Our greatest potential lies within the training and knowledge of our employees. Our safety culture fosters employees to incorporate safety into each task, not only their own safety but a comprehensive safety for all. This culture builds both confidence and competence in each employee. Employees can work with safe proven methods to accomplish their daily tasks.

No safety program can be successful without the full support of every member of the management team. GWTT’s management supports and enhances the program efforts and potential. As participants to the team they are better able to understand the focus and contribute in positive directions. The effectiveness of the GWTT safety program offers management a medium to express their true concern for all employees’ health and safety. No task is worth attempting if no safe work plan can be executed.

Making the Grade

The fact that GWTT consistently earned an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) significantly below the national average (1.0) is a reflection of a corporate dedication to providing a safe and healthy working environment and a workforce dedicated to putting that training into practice.

Effective Date EMR
December 2015 0.77
December 2014 0.73
December 2013 0.84
December 2012 0.82
December 2011 0.72


If you feel that a situation is unsafe, stop what you are doing and re-evaluate  Robert Kunzel, President and CEO