Our People

GWTT's Management Team

Robert Kunzel

Executive Management Team Robert Kunzel, President and CEO. Mr. Kunzel is a founding member of Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) and as President and CEO for GWTT, he is responsible for establishing the vision and implementing the growth strategy for the company. Mr. Kunzel has more than 32 years of experience as an environmental contractor and consultant, during which time he has been involved with work on over 200 environmental sites throughout the United States, completing a wide variety of remediation projects.

Matthew Phillips

Executive Management Team Matt Phillips, Vice President of Sales. Mr. Phillips joined GWTT in January 2010 and holds the position of Vice President of Sales. In this position, Mr. Phillips leads GWTT’s sales strategy and organization and is responsible for building world class client relationships and expanding GWTT’s innovative service offerings to drive value for its customers in today’s rapidly changing environmental climate.

Bryan Lamphear

Executive Management Team Bryan Lamphear, Division Controller As the Corporate Controller of GWTT, Mr. Lamphear has taken the company from an operational division to a fully-functioning standalone business after separating from its former parent company. Mr. Lamphear is responsible for overseeing all accounting and finance functions, as well as human resources and information technology.

Ken Kaufman

Operations Vice President Ken Kaufman, Vice President- Operations Mr. Kaufman joined GWTT in 2010 and serves as Vice President of Operations, responsible for the Construction, O&M and Dewatering Divisions of the company. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and is a Professional Engineer licensed in New Jersey. Mr. Kaufman brings over 25 years of environmental remediation and construction experience to GWTT.

John Balla

Rentals/Manufacturing Vice President John Balla, Vice President- Rentals/Manufacturing Mr. Balla specializes in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of temporary groundwater treatment systems utilizing such treatment technologies as gravity settling, metals precipitation, clarification, oil/water separation, mechanical filtration, carbon adsorption (liquid and vapor phase), air stripping (packed column and tray aeration), diffused aeration, ion exchange, and pH adjustment.

Chief Engineer

Rob Orlando

Chief Engineer Rob Orlando, Chief Engineer Rob Orlando is the Chief Engineer at Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC with over 10 year of experience in environmental engineering. He is currently responsible for assisting all divisions and regions with engineering related tasks and research and development of current technologies and emerging markets.

Service Division Managers

Kevin Marchut

Service Division Manager Kevin Marchut- Remediation & Environmental Construction Division Manager Mr. Marchut joined GWTT in 2007 after obtaining his B.S. from Cornell University and serves as the Construction Division Manager for GWTT’s New Jersey Office. Mr. Marchut has executed some of the company’s largest and most successful projects from the office and field and has been instrumental in developing the division’s project controls and estimating capabilities.

Sam Gilfillan

Service Division Manager Sam Gilfillan, Dewatering Services Division Manager Mr. Gilfillan joined GWTT in March of 2014 as the Manager of our new Dewatering Services Division. He brings with him over 25 years of construction, dewatering, and hazardous materials remediation experience. This includes project experience within the private, public, state and federal government sectors, with project values from $50,000 to over $400 million/segment ($2.7 Billion total single project value), and up to $85 million annual operating budgets. Mr. Gilfillan’s exposure to

Richard Worthington

Service Division Manager Richard Worthington, Vice President of Operations & Maintenance Mr. Worthington joined GWTT in 2006 and serves as Vice President of the Operations & Maintenance Division of the company. He is a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook with degrees in Environmental Science, Political Science and Philosophy. Mr. Worthington brings over 18 years of environmental remediation and operations experience to GWTT. Prior to GWTT, Mr. Worthington was the O&M Division Manager for a major environmental engineering and consulting firm

Regional Sales Team - New England

Joe Landyn

Regional Management Team Joe Landyn, New England Regional Manager Mr. Landyn joined GWTT in 2009 as the New England Region Construction Division Manager and was promoted in September 2010 to New England Regional Manager in Millbury, MA. In the role of Regional Manager, Mr. Landyn is responsible for the leadership of the region including health & safety, strategic direction, customer service, sales, project management and the P&L. The territory that the New England region supports includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New

Regional Sales Team - Mid Atlantic

Bob Moore

Regional Management Team Bob Moore, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Mr. Moore joined GWTT in 2008 and currently serves as the Mid- Atlantic Regional Manager based out of the companies Wilmington, DE location. In this position, Moore is responsible for the leadership of this region including health & safety, strategic direction, customer satisfaction, sales, project management and the P & L. The territory that the Mid Atlantic region supports includes Southern NJ, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. Mr. Moore brings

Sam Colubriale

Business Development Account Manager Sam Colubriale, Mid Atlantic Business Development Account Manager Sam Colubriale joined GWTT in 2008 as the Mid-Atlantic Business Development Manager based out of Wilmington, DE.  The Mid-Atlantic Region supports projects in southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. In his role at GWTT, Mr. Colubriale is responsible for the sales and marketing for the Mid-Atlantic Region including new business development across all of GWTT’s product and service towers as well as