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Equipment Division


Our Mission

"Our mission is to offer the best in breed remediation equipment, manufactured to the highest standards, and guaranteed with unparalleled support across GWTT's Four Towers of Support."


As a technologically agnostic company, GWTT strives to customize the most innovative engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and installation practices to continuously deliver client satisfaction. Today we support numerous market sectors including consultants and contractors to the Utility/Energy, Chem/Pharma, Financial, Manufacturing, Municipal, and Private industrial sectors. This tower of support, coupled with inside design and build capabilities, allows us to customize remediation equipment, whether a clarifier or oil/water separator, for clients that require an accelerated or more custom tailored and innovative approach. By maintaining productive relationships with the most effective and renowned remediation system fabricators, controls specialists, chemical providers, wastewater equipment distributors, and instrumentation vendors, we are able to continually meet not only our clients' budgets, but process and effluent parameters as well.

Key Differentiators

  • GWTT identified the most innovative and best available technology that meets your projects objectives. 
  • GWTT has the internal engineering support staff to design custom systems in an expedited manner within the limitations and constraints provided on some of the most difficult construction sites encountered in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and other cities and States in the Continental U.S.  We’ve proven our value to our clients, as evidenced through our client retention.
  • Our experience in construction dewatering, well-practiced and innovative and advanced remediation technologies, and relationships with multiple vendors and manufacturers, provides a well organized team to our Clients with a network of specialists that can solve some of the most difficult and challenging environmental problems encountered in today’s fast paced environmental climate.
  • GWTT has the ability to provide full service system integration, from the smallest skid to the largest remedial building and system, using our diversified staff of engineers, scientists, management, and tradesman such as operators, welders, electricians, pipe fitters, carpenters and laborers.

Applications Supported

Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC manufactures integrated Soil and Groundwater Remediation Equipment for retail petroleum, private industrial, and public sector projects.

GWTT provides expert design / build and bid to spec process equipment solutions for most remediation technologies.

    • Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

    • Dual Phase Extraction Systems (MPE, DPE)

    • Air, Oxygen, and Ozone Sparge Systems

  • Pump and Treat Technologies for Organics
    • Air Stripping (Tower and Low Profile)
    • Oil / Water Separators
    • Batch Chemical Oxidation
    • Pneumatic and Electric Pump Systems
    • Multi-well Venturi Jet Pump Systems
    • Carbon, Ion Exchange, Organo-Clay Polish
    • Filtration Systems
  • In-Organic Pre-Treatment Systems (metals)
    • Clarifiers
    • pH adjustment
    • Sedimentation and Filtration
    • Dissolved Air Flotation
    • Aeration and Chemical Precipitation
  • Liquid and Vapor Phase Carbon Systems
  • Thermal, Catalytic, Flameless and Regenerative
  • Oxidizers
  • Process Control Systems
    • SCADA Platforms and HMI
    • Wireless Remote Monitoring and Telemetry
    • Robust Platforms with Intuitive Interfaces

Available Systems

Systems are available in a variety of platforms such as open and closed mobile trailers, shipping containers, sound attenuating enclosures, metal and wood framed structures and skid mounted.

Leveraging the most proven manufacturing methods and materials, best engineering practices, and state of the art technologies, GWTT provides equipment designed by engineers and constructed with the field operator in mind.


Photo Gallery

   Enclosed Treatment System - Amsterdam, NY   Remediation Equipment  Multi-plex - Bag Filtration Skid   Remediation Equipment - 100-hp Blower Skid with Inlet Air Filtration

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