Oil/Water Separators

  • Oil Water Separator

For the effective separation of free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oil and settleable solids GWTT offers a complete line of above ground rectangular oil water separators that can be customized for your specific application. All our equipment meets or exceeds API 421 guidelines. The type of material and the type of media are always based on the characteristics of your wastewater.

We have the flexibility to incorporate any additional design requirements, please inquire. For pumping to downstream treatment, a model design with an effluent pump out chamber is available.For collecting settleable solids and DNAPL, a model with a Hopper Chamber is available.

Some of the options GWTT offers:

  • Relocating pipe fittings for easier installation
  • Provide registered P.E. stamped calculations for Reynolds Number, Stokes Law, seismic, structural and/ or drawings
  • Hinged covers with prop rods for ease of maintenance
  • Double wall construction with interstitial monitoring
  • Oil storage compartments
  • Float switches
  • Immersion heaters
  • Pump packages: Influent, Effluent and Oil/Sludge
  • Leak Detection and Level Indicating Systems
  • Oil Stop Valve
  • Various types of skimmers
  • Sightglass Assemblies

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