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GWTT is pleased to announce the availability of WetSep, a new and innovative water treatment system that will enhance the already wide range of services we offer our clients.

gwtt-wetsep1WetSep is a water filtration system that combines the functions of an oil/water separator, clarifier and a pH adjustment system. The beauty of the system is that it utilizes standard proven technology and puts it into a nice, neat, self-contained package. It has the same settling capacity, in terms of equivalent time and reduction efficiency, as three 21,000 gallon frac tanks yet only takes up 1/5 of the space and uses very little power. It can even be run from solar or wind energy.

The chemical storage and feed pumps are kept within an enclosure integral to the system. The system includes such additional features as automatic injections of the coagulant and flocculant based upon the influent flow rate. The pH is also automatically controlled. WetSep has a maximum flow rate of 150 gpm.

How WetSep Works

gwtt-wetsep2The treatment begins within a section called an impinging reactor. Water enters this section under pressure tangential to the tank and spins in a clockwise direction. The centrifugal force pushes the heavier particles to the outside wall of the circular reactor where they then fall to the bottom. The reactor has a cone shaped bottom to allow for efficient collection of the settled solids. The water leaves the reactor by flow upward through a series of parallel plates which causes more of the solids to drop out of the water. The centrifugal force also causes any free oil in the water to rise to the top of the reactor where it is trapped. A manually operated valve is used to decant any accumulated oil when necessary. The water that has risen through the reactor continues on to the clarifier section that uses standard settling media to enhance sediment reduction.


The systems are available for rent or purchase. Solids handling equipment, including screened decant tanks, self dumping hoppers, and filter presses, is also available.


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