GWTT provides a range of projects

Rental Treatment System with Settling Tank

Contaminants of Concern: Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Oil & Grease

Rental Treatment System with Clarifier

Contaminants of concern: TSS, VOC's, and BTEX

Rental Treatment System with Low Profile Air Stripper

Contaminants of concern include: TSS, VOC's and Vinyl Chloride

Groundwater Extraction

Installation of the Directed Groundwater Re-circulation System

Sub Slab Depressurization System

GWTT was awarded a one year contract for the O&M of the SSDS including start-up through steady state operation.

O & M of Groundwater Capture/Remediation System

GWTT was awarded the contract to provide Project Management Services for an existing groundwater capture and remediation system designed.

2,500 LF Vacuum Dewatering System

The project, which had Zero Health & Safety incidents, required excavation to depths ranging from 10’ – 20’ from surface.

Pilot Test

GWTT has the personnel and equipment to perform pilot tests to determine the applicability and effectiveness of different remediation techniques.

Temporary Iron Precipitation

GWTT was contracted to design & construct a temporary groundwater treatment system specifically targeting iron reduction.