Sub Slab Depressurization System

Project duration:

On Going

Key Notes

  • Site Managment
  • Routine System Operation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Records and Document Management
  • Waste Management
  • Contractor Management


Project Summary:

Upon completion of a new Sub Slab Depressurization System (SSDS) by the GWTT Construction Division, GWTT was awarded a one year contract for the Operations & Maintenance of the SSDS including start-up through steady state operation.  The project requires on site operations 5 days/Week at 8 Hours/Day with off-hours monitoring nights and weekends.

The system was installed to control the migration of sub-slab vapors beneath an existing office complex.  The SSDS consists of 62 individual extraction points (located within the office complex), four (4) 150 HP blowers, a chiller system a vapor phase carbon treatment prior to discharge to atmosphere.  the system is controlled and operated via a PLC with remote monitoring and control capability.

GWTT is responsible for the routine operation, preventative maintenance, system repairs, reporting, maintenance of PM software, off hours monitoring, alarm response, contractor management, and coordination with building management associated with access to tenant space for routine pressure monitoring and sampling and non-routine repairs.

The original one year contract was recently renewed to include an additional years, sole source.

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