Construction Dewatering

  • Vacuum Wellpoint Header Line

  • Wellpoint Drilling

  • Construction Dewatering

  • Pre Drill Staging

  • Vacuum Wellpoint Header and Swings

  • Wellpoints with Elevated Centers

GWTT’s Dewatering Services Division is a full service Construction Dewatering Contractor focusing on solutions to the issues faced in the construction and environmental remediation industries. Our experienced personnel are capable of evaluating projects and conditions, designing appropriate and effective project specific dewatering equipment and systems, manufacturing and installing dewatering systems, upgrading, operating and troubleshooting dewatering systems for all dewatering applications. These systems include but are not limited to:

  1. Drilled vertical and battered wellpoints
  2. Jetted wellpoints
  3. Gravity and vacuum assisted deep wells
  4. Design sump and groundwater control excavation plans
  5. Ejector systems for temporary and permanent artesian pressure relief
  6. Groundwater depression and management
  7. Dewatering for contaminants remediation and coal ash pond dehydration

Our personnel include Professional Engineers and non-licensed engineers with degrees in Civil, Applied Physics, Mechanical, Hydrological, Chemical Engineering, Licensed Electricians, Certified Equipment and Crane Operators and Licensed Treatment Plant Operators. This varied experienced allows us to perform turnkey and Design-Build projects as well as pilot studies. Full time staff includes Project Managers, Project Engineers, Project Superintendents, Foremen, Licensed Electricians, Equipment & Rigging Specialists, Crane Operators, Pipe Fitters, Technicians and Welders.

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