Joe Landyn

Joe Landyn, New England Regional Manager

Regional Management Team

Joe Landyn, New England Regional Manager

Mr. Landyn joined GWTT in 2009 as the New England Region Construction Division Manager and was promoted in September 2010 to New England Regional Manager in Millbury, MA. In the role of Regional Manager, Mr. Landyn is responsible for the leadership of the region including health & safety, strategic direction, customer service, sales, project management and the P&L. The territory that the New England region supports includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Northern New York.

Mr. Landyn has more than 25 years’ experience in the soil and groundwater remediation industry. During his career he has been involved in a wide variety of environmental remediation projects and has obtained extensive project management and field experience, including:

  • Installation of several hundred environmental remediation systems including groundwater extraction and treatment systems, air sparging/soil vapor extraction systems, and high-vacuum/multi-phase extraction systems.
  • Water treatment system installations including precipitation/flocculation, oil/water separation, pH adjustment, filtration, ion exchange and air stripping technologies. Air treatment systems have included carbon filtration, thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation.
  • Operation and maintenance of treatment systems, including optimization efforts, data collection and management, and compliance sampling.
  • Extensive well drilling experience including auger, mud/air rotary, direct-push, and cased-hole drilling techniques.
  • Soil excavation, transportation and disposal projects, including construction dewatering projects typically requiring temporary groundwater treatment systems.

Prior to working for GWTT, Mr. Landyn was operations manager for two New England engineering contracting companies in the soil and groundwater remediation industry. His professional achievements include registration as a Professional Geologist in New Hampshire, certification as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in Massachusetts, and certification by the Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals as a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) in Massachusetts. He holds a B.S. in Hydrology from the State University of New York at Oneonta.

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