Dewatering Solutions for Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Projects

Dewatering is One of Our Core Competencies

Dewatering is a core competency within GWTT’s total water management solutions portfolio. We design, build, troubleshoot, upgrade, install, and operate dewatering equipment and treatment systems for civil projects and environmental applications.  These systems include but are not limited to:

  • Drilled vertical and battered wellpoints
  • Jetted wellpoints
  • Gravity- and vacuum-assisted deep wells
  • Design sump and groundwater control excavation plans
  • Groundwater depression and management
  • Dewatering for contaminants remediation
  • Coal ash pond / CCR dehydration
  • Ejector Systems
  • Temporary and permanent artesian pressure relief systems

We understand that groundwater is the nemesis of any project site, and its extraction alters the characteristics of the surrounding soil, which impacts excavation. Our water management solutions include contaminate testing and treatment, along with safe relocation and compliant discharge.


GWTT’s geotechnical, hydrogeological, engineering, remediation contracting, and project management skills, coupled with our strong supply chain and the highest-quality materials and equipment, ensure project success.

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