1,200-LF Vacuum Wellpoint Dewatering System

Project Profile

  • Project Location : New York
  • Client Industry : Commercial / Construction
  • Owner Industry : Real Estate
  • Gwtt Scope : Design / Build / O&M
  • Contract Value : $1M
  • Project Duration : 14 Months
  • Contaminants : n/a
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Key Project Details

  • 1,200-LF vacuum wellpoint dewatering system installed via duplex rotary drilling methods
  • System was installed as two independent segments to accommodate client construction plan and surface level variance
  • On-site water treatment system was provided by GWTT
  • 200’x400’ project site


  • Required excavation depths of 25’–35’
  • 10’ elevation variance across the project site
  • System segments had to be lowered twice and equipment relocated multiple times to accommodate other project contractor operations

Project Narrative

This dewatering project required a 1,200-LF wellpoint dewatering system to be installed in suspended segments to consider a staged excavation and remediation across the site and also required excavation to depths of 30’ from the surface within a 24’ static water table.

The system operated as two discrete systems that were lowered twice, independently, as the project progressed within the 200’ x 400’ full city block site.

A 300 CFM GWTT vac station was used in conjunction with twin GWTT vacuum-driven 700 GPM pump cans, which enabled the deep drawdown of groundwater within the varying soils. The proprietary GWTT equipment was able to perform effectively in multiple configurations without suffering performance losses during the transitions and relocations.

Additionally, the project required GWTT to provide on-site treatment of the groundwater prior to discharge from the brownfield site. GWTT designed, supplied, installed, and operated the dewatering and mobile water treatment system. The flexibility of the dewatering system, along with our ability to provide the on-site groundwater treatment system, allowed for successful excavation and construction to occur according to plan and within budget.