System Optimization and Upgrade

Water Treatment System Optimization

GWTT not only provides day-to-day operations services to our clients, but we also focus on cost savings and increased efficiency through system optimization and process improvement. Our industry-leading experience in O&M includes groundwater remediation systems, collection, sanitary, civil project dewatering, and process treatment systems. We can even completely replace an existing  treatment system from the design of the system through construction, start up, and commissioning.

System Optimization

Water Treatment System Compliance

When it comes to system operations and maintenance, regulatory compliance is essential for any project. Unforeseen compliance issues may result in regulatory fines and augmented costs associated with increased sampling requirements, regulatory reporting, and frequent interaction with regulatory agencies. A compliant system will immediately reduce operating costs and help foster a positive relationship with regulatory agencies. Our O&M Services Team manages this by using predictive and preventative maintenance techniques to stay in front of potential issues that may arise. GWTT also uses a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9000 framework.

Nationwide PFAS Emergence

Across North America, more and more sites are testing positive for one or more of the PFAS family of chemical compounds. Your existing treatment system likely cannot adequately remove these compounds to meet state and/or federal limits without modification. GWTT has extensive experience designing, building, and operating treatment systems that are optimized for PFAS removal. We can analyze your current system and offer guidance on the necessary modifications to bring the effluent into compliance for PFAS limits. As a turnkey provider of services, we can also deliver, construct, test, and commission the upgraded system, limiting your liability and minimizing project risk.

Request an Audit

Our licensed treatment system operators can conduct a thorough audit of your system and offer guidance on process and equipment improvements for maximum system optimization. And since GWTT is also an experienced remediation contractor, we can design the system upgrades, procure the necessary equipment, complete all construction activities, and start up and commission the system. After the work is complete, we can also operate the system for you to further reduce your compliance risk.

Operations & Maintenance Experience

From small, low-GPM water treatment systems, up through 15,000+ GPM industrial wastewater treatment systems, GWTT has the field experience to execute best-in-class operations & maintenance services. Click here for more details.

Additionally, GWTT offers a performance guarantee. When we operate your treatment system, we guarantee effluent compliance provided the influent stays within the parameters for containment concentration, flow rate, and other operating criteria agreed upon during system design and testing.

system optimization