Systems Engineering

GWTT system engineers have designed thousands of water treatment and dewatering systems, ranging in capacity from 20 gallons per minute (gpm) to well over 5,000 gpm. These systems, combined, have treated 100s of billions of gallons of water. We engineer solutions for the most challenging water treatment scenarios, including coal combustion residual (CCR) impacted waters, as well as the emerging threat of the PFAS family of compounds. For complex water treatment problems, GWTT has answers.

Our engineers have led and participated in hundreds of bench-scale and pilot studies over the last 25+ years to build a portfolio of custom, cost-effective solutions that meet the most demanding effluent guidelines. Our water chemistry subject matter experts analyze your water and use the resulting data to develop a treatment approach that best suits the contaminant profile. By utilizing bench-scale tests and/or pilot studies, GWTT validates its designs before construction and O&M of the system. This validation process reduces risk related to project cost, schedule, and discharge permit compliance.

GWTT continues to lead the industry in research, development, innovation, and state-of-the-art design and fabrication. We utilize the latest emerging technologies for remote monitoring, remote operation, asset and inventory control, as well as cloud-based safety and quality management.