WetSep Mobile Water Treatment System

GWTT offers a selection of WetSep mobile water treatment systems for industrial and environmental applications. The WetSep system is a compact unit designed to treat wastewater generated from various processes, and is provided as a turnkey solution for effluent water control.

The WetSep functions as:

  • an oil/water separator,
  • clarifier,
  • and pH adjustment system.

The unit utilizes standard-proven technologies but is packaged in an extremely efficient, space-saving design. The system includes automatic injections of coagulants and flocculants based on the influent flow rate to optimize performance. The pH is also automatically controlled. The WetSep consists of two main parts: the Impinging Stream Reactor (ISR) and the Universal Processing Chamber (UPC). The ISR mechanically removes larger suspended particles, and the UPC acts as a lamella clarifier to remove finer particles.


WetSep Mobile Water Treatment

The pre-treated water enters the ISR under pressure tangential to the tank and spins in a clockwise direction. The centrifugal force pushes the heavier particles to the outside wall of the circular reactor where they settle to the bottom. The reactor has a cone-shaped bottom to allow for efficient collection of the settled solids and has a desludging unit built into the system. Water leaves the reactor section and enters the UPC through a series of parallel lamella plates that remove finer particles.

The WetSep mobile water treatment system is highly efficient, removing 80% to 88% of suspended solids from the influent in the first stage and up to 99.5% of suspended solids in the final stage.


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If you have water treatment equipment rental needs beyond what the WetSep system can provide, GWTT has a broad inventory of water treatment equipment that we can customize and deploy quickly.