Commercial Construction Dewatering

Our commercial construction dewatering project portfolio includes the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England markets, where our expertise is trusted and respected.

We offer highly engineered system designs based on in-depth evaluations of each project’s plan and technical needs. We stand behind each design with the same level of commitment that ensures all subsurface work is completed on time and within budget.

GWTT offers a full suite of services for designing, manufacturing, installing, upgrading, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting systems for all commercial dewatering applications.


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Our project experience covers the full spectrum of dewatering techniques and scenarios, including:

  • Vacuum wellpoint systems, including jetted, drilled, vertical, and battered
  • Deep well systems, including gravity-fed and vacuum-assisted.
  • Artesian pressure relief systems
  • Ejector systems
  • Site/surface water management plans
  • Engineered sump and french drain systems
dewatering for coal ash


GWTT can manage CCR wastewater from “ash to outfall,” including pond decanting, ash dewatering, water treatment, storm water management, and guaranteed performance to meet permit requirements. We have developed innovative and proprietary dewatering systems that adapt to project needs and keep construction crews on schedule. Backing all that up is our in-house treatability laboratory that ensures the right treatment protocol will be identified and implemented. We will use whatever combination of technologies and processes that best addresses the unique contaminant profile of your coal ash pond water remediation project.

GWTT maintains an extensive inventory of pumping equipment, filtration systems, and treatment technologies that can be easily mobilized to meet the immediate needs of the project, whether it is a clean closure or a close-in-place. Our design team can customize a dewatering system to support the construction team, maintain the schedule, and ensure that the ash stability meets all project specifications.

We have experience treating more than 2 billion gallons of CCR and related pond water with project-specific treatment systems designed for arsenic, selenium, thallium, and other metals that are difficult to treat with traditional water treatment techniques. GWTT has designed and installed pontoon systems for decanting surface water, collection systems for removing and treating interstitial water, and groundwater collection and treatment systems to carry the project to closure. We have designed and built CCR water treatment systems that handle influent flow rates of 100 GPM to 10,000 GPM.

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